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Our Products

Tasty and chewy vegetable bits infused flavoured with spices, Crunchy Sunflower seeds, Crunchy and a tasty trail mix of seeds, nuts and yummy vegetable bits, Superfood Chia and Quinoa, Superfood nutrition bar. Our products are rich in antioxidants, full of fibre, high in protein and devoid of any synthetic flavours or additives.

High fibre food
Natural food

Our Philosophy

Maintaining a positive and healthy lifestyle in today’s world requires eating a nutritionally balanced diet with plenty of vegetables.

Nutritatva’s philosophy is based on the core belief that nature, with its abundant natural offerings, is the best custodian of our health. Nutritatva products are great tasting, all-natural and high in fibre with no added colours or preservatives. Infused with flavourful spices and condiments, they are minimally processed and hygienically packed to ensure that the natural goodness of the ingredients remains intact. Now, whether at home or on the move, enjoy wholesome, gluten-free food.