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Why Nutritatva’s gluten-free Quinoa superfood is a vegan diet essential!

Mupreti - November 26, 2018 - 0 comments

Gluten free food

Over here in India, we do not just eat food, but also revere it as something gifted to us by the spiritual energies that govern this universe, as positive karma for our good deeds. People from all walks of life pledge their obeisance, and so one can understand the strong sense of sentimentality and the spiritual context within which food is seen. Besides the fact that we’d probably not be alive if not for food, people have a certain irresistible, incomprehensible affection towards food. We sometimes rely on food to lend us amusement or joy or satisfaction, and then we rely on it as a coping mechanism or as sort of emotional support. There are many ascribe their belief systems and political beliefs to their food, owing to the number of difficulties and travesties millions of farmers around the world have to go through to reap the yield that lines up on your plate in the form of a palatable, probably tasty dish.

Why are Vegan foods such a rage these days?

As we talked about earlier, food is often seen as more than simply a source of nourishment or subsistence. People often describe it with concepts like religion, morality, spirituality etc. In modern times, people have delved further to explore the link between the foods we consume and the moral implications we must take into account. Amidst this, there’s growing disenchantment with foods procured through the willful oppression of animals by big-shot food corporations. It’s only fair that we cared too, given that the chemicals injected into these animals to boost their growth cycle might cause havoc within us too since they are essential hormones. Veganism has emerged as a formidable movement aiming to create further awareness about this very issue and work towards pushing forth a more organic, sustainable and healthier food source.

Nutritive Quinoa: The food that we all need in our lives!

People have started to deliberate upon superfoods in the wake of a future that might be scarce in terms of food and we might have to rely on new foods to fulfill our nutritional needs. We’re extremely adaptable, and research on superfoods is already quite extensive. These foods are gluten-free, low-effort, natural and wholesome. As the name suggests, it comprises of day-to-day food articles repurposed to extract maximum health benefits from them. Nutritatva’s Quinoa superfoods are an absolute godsend. They combine the goodness of various natural ingredients to bring forth something which is genuinely gluten-free and vegan, meaning you compromise neither on your well-being nor your convictions!

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