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Nutritatva, is a new-generation Food Tech Company based in Gurgaon. Two passionate women entrepreneurs Dr. Mani and Nidhi are the founding team members, who have been experimenting with clean eating all their lives. They believe in the prominence of establishing a holistic and nutritious approach towards life. Together they have a gamut of work experience in Food R & D, and marketing with various well-known players in the food & beverage industry in the USA as well as India.

It’s no surprise that getting hands on easily accessible and nutritionally balanced food becomes a huge challenge for most of us leading busy lives. Grabbing a quick snack in between meals does often land us with packaged food items that may be tasty but provide no balanced nutrition other than empty calories.

Nutritatva is solving this problem by creating a line of all-natural, affordable, snacks that are not only healthy and high in protein, but also delicious to snack on during hunger pangs. Nutritatva innovates and brings to market unique, all-natural tasty packaged snacks and Superfoods which are rich in nutrition, protein and fibre. 

The products have no added chemical preservatives, colors or synthetic flavours. These products are complimentary for today's fast paced lifestyle of busy urban professionals. The products are manufactured hygienically using proprietary processes from whole seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. These are guilt-free indulgence products that retain the natural goodness of their respective ingredients.


1. To engender high food safety standards with sole aim of providing highest quality packaged food products to the customers.

2. To promote an absolutely safe working environment for our team and for their over-all development.


1.  To provide innovative packaged food manufacturer with superior standards of technological and product innovation.

2. To establish trust in all the business relationships by placing the highest value on personal and corporate integrity.

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                               Dr. Mani Upreti                                                                                          Nidhi Pant


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