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Why you need Nutritatva’s Chia Superfood on your shelves

Mupreti - September 25, 2018 - 0 comments

Nutritatva Chia Superfood: Rich in Omega 3

The goodness of Chia superfood has been known for years, with chia seeds having been used extensively by the Aztec Civilization in South America for nourishment. It’s rich in Omega 3 and has an amazing amount of fibre which means that it will improve digestion, which is interlinked with almost all functions of your body.

Are you compromising the nutrients for the sake of taste?

For years, we’ve developed a distaste for a specific sabzi or dish that doesn’t quite suit our palate. While a matter of taste doesn’t exactly spell disaster since that’s a realm of subjectivity altogether, there’s a good possibility that you’re depriving yourself of certain nutrients that your body needs to function and you might face health issues later on which could’ve been avoided if you probably showed more gusto to get over the judgement of your taste buds and eat for the greater good. Sounds reminiscent of something a mother would say, doesn’t it? Because moms are always right! A lot of us live away from homes for our higher education or jobs and suddenly our consumption of healthy foods plummet cause most of us don’t even know how to cook.

Nutritatva Chia Superfood: Nutrients without compromise

No one can live merely on chips and readymade noodles, and it shows when people must resort to knuckling down and getting tiffin services arranged for themselves so that they can continue to have wholesome Indian meals, albeit nowhere close to what our moms make at home. There’d be times when you don’t even have the time to even avail the services of a tiffin provider because you don’t have the time to even properly eat your food! Oh, how we all wish there was an edible embodiment of the phrase “instant gratification” somewhere.

This is where Nutritatva’s Superfoods come into the picture! Like Chia-on-date bar, Crunchy nuts & nuggets, Honey BBQ munch and Quinoa Superfoods. We all need something in our lives which we needn’t spend hours of mental and physical gymnastics on to cook. Indian cooking, even if you’re trying to make a staple meal for yourself, is no walk in the park. It’s akin to dabbling in rocket science and it’d probably take you years before you are able to perfect the art of Indian cooking.

In light of that, you could probably do with the goodness of Chia and other Superfoods, which will not just give you an option to munch on in case you have to skip a meal but also improve your general snacking habits.

Grab yourself some Chia Superfood as soon as possible to shift to a healthier, more sustainable eating lifestyle cause, as they say, you’re what you eat!

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