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Why we need Indian Superfoods, and Nutritatva is here to gives us some

Mupreti - September 6, 2018 - 0 comments

When you rush out of your home and don’t have the time to cook or eat a proper, nourishing meal, you feel the aftereffects of it throughout the day. Lethargy, aloofness, irritation and worse of all, reliance on junk foods to fill your tummy. You’re doing your body a disservice every day, filling it with all sorts of synthetically-made stuff which only serves to slide your health deeper into the red zone. We have plenty of snacking options in India these days, ranging from chips to biscuits to even sev or fruit juices which are allegedly made with real fruits. No one really bothers to authenticate these claims, and bigwigs ruling the food industry keep churning out foods full of substances which neither contain any nutrients and carry with them problems like indigestion, constipation etc. You are what you eat, they say, and it’s quite true in the sense that whatever you eat will affect every function of your body. Eating habits tend to affect things right from your skin to how your heart will function.

India needs something to save it from the snacking epidemic, as we’d like to put it — a superhero among foods, perhaps, an Indian Superfood — that went a little off the hook towards cheesy talk — nevermind.

There are more snacking choices than ever, but they do not really help the cause. You’d be surprised by how effective these foods are in terms to contributing to one’s deterioration. As our moms would say when we were kids, eating fruits and vegetables will keep you healthy and ticking. We should probably listen to our mothers more, cause they’re absolutely right! As you grow, it grows more and more evident that your body needs something organic to fuel it on — so, it is about time to turn up to Superfoods, in fact, Indian Superfoods.

Indian Superfoods:

Are there any healthy snacks out there?

You might’ve come across a debate pertaining to food sustainability from time to time. We are bound to lose a lot of food sources in the next hundreds or thousands of years, so it is only imperative that we talk about different food resources which continue to sustain our bodies. We can’t really survive on junk food now, can we? This debate has spawned the need for a supposed superfood that shall we shall depend on to keep humanity going. The entire thing sounds like a dystopian thriller, but Superfoods are the future and they’re amazing! Nutritatva’s range of Superfoods like Crunchy Nuts & Nuggets, Honey BBQ Munch and SunPower Munch carry in them powerful nutrients like protein and Omega 3 healthy fats that shall hopefully set Indian snacking straight. Nutritatva has created a great array of Indian Superfoods that are 100% natural and totally gluten-free, which means you do not compromise on any aspect of your health when you have them. Make sure you grab yourself some Indian Superfoods in the recent future.

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